Cannot believe this is my first post of November!  I am slacking over here, my apologies.  I was a bit apprehensive about posting these shots for some odd reason, but what the hell.  Why not, right?  These were shot by my glorious photographer, Ashley, on our day trip to Los Angeles.  We ventured to Alfred Coffee & Kitchen in West Hollywood off of Melrose Place, had drinks at the Mondrian at the Sky Bar, and ended up at the Abbey at like 7:00 P.M. on a Saturday night.  Yes, 7:00 P.M. -- early bird special.  

Anyways, this look is a cross-breed of urban and casual.  I am not usually one to wear a beanie, but the weather here is actually Fall-like and I can rock one without looking obnoxious.  These photographs were shot in the parking structure of the Pacific Design Center off of Melrose and Robertson Boulevard, right before we went to the Abbey.  It's actually a really funny spot to shoot photographs, but it was either shooting photographs in an empty parking structure or twerking in an empty parking structure.  Twerk or nah?  I'm just kidding.  These photographs were actually more spur of the moment .  Hope you enjoy!


ZARA black leather jacket; ZARA black boxing shorts; LUST 7 jersey tee; OBEY black beanie; UNDERGROUND pointed leather creepers; 


Ventured down the road to Laguna Beach today for lunch with my mother at Nick's Laguna Beach.  If you are in the area, please go check out Nick's.  It is one of my favorite spots to eat locally and the food is always amazing.  I always want to try something new when I go, but I always end up getting the braised short ribs--so good!  These were shot in an alley way just down the street right before our dining adventure.  Every time I go to downtown Laguna I always see this alley and think of how amazing it would look in a photo shoot.  It has a touch of urban city, which contrasts greatly against the casual beach lifestyle of Laguna Beach.  That contrast in Orange County is hard to come by.  

For this outfit I wanted to show some transitional looks that can get you through the fall season.  Fall to me is about layering.  Here in California it is always questionable how warm it will get through the day or when or if you will even need a light sweater or maybe a leather jacket for a chilly and cold evening.  I have always found it an annoyance to be wearing something too light or too heavy.  So yes, layering in light to medium fabrics is important!

I started light with an ASOS long-line tee and heavily distressed ASOS light skinny denim jeans.  I am so in love with long-line shirts!  The length and ease of them are great and I can wear them with anything.  I honestly almost forgot I had this tee in my closet and broke it out today for this shoot.  I accessorized with a NIXON 51-30 watch, TOPMAN rings, ZARA wide brim felt fedora, and a black ZARA zip clutch.  To transition this look for a night out, I would layer on a light cardigan or my go-to leather jacket.



ASOS Extreme Longline T-Shirt; ASOS Super Skinny Jeans with Extreme Rips; ZARA Plush Sweatshirt; ZARA zipped clutch; ZARA wide brim felt hat; NIXON 51-30 Chrono watch; TOPMAN rings; vintage circle sunglasses; Steve Madden brogue shoe;